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You’ve probably come across a common question on our website: how do I clean the throttle body without removing it? Which is a much-feared process and usually involves taking off the carbs, cleaning them separately, then putting them back together. So I decided to figure out what would happen if you cleaned your throttle body without taking it off.

Are you ready for the answer? Nooooope! There isn’t one because it doesn’t matter, or at least not in this case. What matters is that your vehicle will run fine no matter what you do with your throttle body after cleaning.

We’re not just going to try this and see what happens. Instead, we’re going to take one of these throttle bodies that are currently down in a dirty state, clean it up and see what happens. I’ll give you the method for cleaning them anyway if you want to do it at home, but most people can run their carbs much cleaner by simply putting the throttle body back on after cleaning.

First, we need to remove the throttle body and its two rubber pieces from the airbox and carburetor. This is pretty easy since the throttle body is held onto the carb via two rubber bands. You might have to force it off the carb, but it should be no problem.

Once you’ve removed the throttle body from your vehicle, clean it with soapy water and a soft brush. I used dish soap and a regular old toothbrush here, but there are other ways you can use them as well. Just be careful not to scratch the throttle body while cleaning to avoid any leaks or damage to it.

Adding A Throttle Body Spacer

After scrubbing up the throttle body with a brush, you’re going to want to dry it really well with a rag or paper towel so that there isn’t any water on it while we continue.

Once the throttle body is dry, get a can of carburetor cleaner with some kind of drying agent (I used a dry-erase pen), remove the cap and spray down the throttle body and airbox with it. I sprayed it liberally in all the nooks and crannies, but you can only spray where there’s a clear liquid in that spot. The idea here is to clean all surfaces where dirt can settle so that it doesn’t cause problems later on. Once you’re done spraying, let everything sit for about an hour or two before putting everything back together.

Now that everything is dry, you’ll want to reassemble everything by putting the rubber pieces back on, putting the throttle body back on, and tightening the black engine bolt that holds it in place.

Once you’re sure it’s tight, you’re done! You can go ride now and stop checking your vehicle for leaks all the time because there aren’t any. Your vehicle will run fine as long as a replacement throttle body doesn’t break down while you ride so don’t be too rough on it. Just make sure everything is clean and nice and fresh before riding.

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What Is A Throttle Body Cleaning Service?

In general, throttle body cleaning services are a special kind of engine service. What we do here is remove the throttle body from the engine and take it to our shop where we clean it with special chemicals and equipment. We then put everything back together and test it for leaks to make sure that you can ride without problems before returning it.

Throttle Body Cleaning Benefits?

There are many benefits when it comes to cleaning how to clean the throttle body without removing it. If you’re not sure what they are, or if you don’t have time to clean them yourself, we can run your vehicle through our thorough service and make sure that everything is working correctly with no leaks.

We can also remove the old gaskets for you when we’re done and get them cleaned so that there is no environmentally unfriendly residue on your engine and potentially pass it down to future generations of drivers if not cleaned properly.

More Benefits?

Did you know that we can also remove the carburetor for you and clean it along with the throttle body? There shouldn’t be any problem with your vehicle running like how to clean the throttle body without removing it, but if you want to be sure that there are no leaks, we can thoroughly clean both components and return them to you in a clean state.

Clean Throttle Body Without Cleaner?

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Did you know that you can clean a throttle body without using any oil-based cleaner? This is especially useful if you don’t want an oily smell coming from your throttle body. Just get a dry rag and some dry-erase pen and wipe everything down. Don’t use a premium brand of cleaner because it will leave behind oil residue on your vehicle.

Throttle Body Cleaning Recap

Clean your throttle body regularly to avoid issues with it Cans of carb cleaner with “dry” in the name will help you clean without oil residue Wipe down the throttle body and airbox with a dry rag and dry-erase pen (or other similar product) Let everything sit for at least an hour and then reassemble your vehicle and go for a drive.

Clean Throttle Body With Carb

The throttle body of your vehicle can be cleaned with a carb cleaner. We recommend getting a cleaner that is “dry” to prevent any residual oil from being left behind on the throttle body. Leave it to soak for about an hour, and then spray off any excess with a hose or pressure washer. Once it is dry, reassemble your vehicle and drive around in style.